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help the rhizosphere

biological activities are markedly enhanced by microbial interactions in the rhizosphere of plants

Graceland Biotech Inc. is a privately held global company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, specializing in researching and producing microbiotic products for the agricultural industry. Graceland Biotech Inc. has developed more than ten high-end microbiotic products for the North American market including enhanced Bio-chemical products for wheat, canola and vegetables.
In 2011, Graceland Biotech Inc. set up its first overseas joint-venture, Graceland Jiaxing Biotech Co., Ltd. in the south of China to produce the microbiological product SPF.   Graceland Biotech Inc. has been well known in China’s fertilizer market because of SPF.
In 2013, Graceland Biotech Inc. set up its second joint-venture, Greatfull Biotech Ltd. to produce an enhanced long-acting biological organic fertilizer for the northern China market.


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Graceland Biological product will bring significant benefit to the farmer's investment.


phosphate mineralizing

supply the p available naturally to the plants by mineralizing organic P in soil and by solubilising precipitated phosphates. 

Benefit to Argriculture